Why Keertika?

Our aim is to provide skill-based training to the unemployed rural youth and create an industry-ready workforce. It is through our tailor-made and trade specific training programs that we develop competent human resource for the employers. Our responsibility does not end with training. We also offer employment opportunities and placement assistance to the trainees who have successfully completed the training program.


Why would you choose Keertika over other vocational institutes?

  • Trade-specific Courses, Relevant Skills
  • Our courses are designed for work. You learn the skills and the basic knowledge required to perform a particular job. The training modules are created with the help of the industry experts and are updated regularly whenever it’s needed.

  • Learn while you work
  • Lot of our courses can be taken while you are at work. Our modules are designed and administered in such a way that they can be imparted directly on the sites. That means you do not have to give up the job to take the training. You can get trained while you work.

  • Do it practically
  • Our courses are not knowledge-based, but application-based. The main focus of these courses is to build up practical skills while building your confidence at the same time. This gives you a real life feel of the work at the sites.

  • Recognition
  • All the courses that you undertake are Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET) certified. The certificates are issued to the successful candidates by National Council for Vocational Training. When the employers see your certification you stand a better chance of employment as they know it stands for high-quality training.

  • Our help and support
  • We impart training in smaller batches so that a faculty can easily map each one’s learning abilities and reach out to them individually. We’ve also tried to organize most of the facilities in-house so that you get a complete on-the-job feel. An evaluation system at the end of the course helps us identify each of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Placement assistance
  • Our responsibility goes beyond training. Every trainee is given placement assistance. They are groomed for an interview and also sent to the respective clients.


    We are a vocational training academy. Our training solutions are tailor-made and unique to suite each of your business needs. We take special care in choosing our trainees and they are made to go through a strict selection process before they are enrolled for the program.
    Our trainees are not only trained on trade-specific skills but they also have an industry orientation. Therefore, we are can create a pool of industry-ready work force who can deliver the job effectively and efficiently.
    Our courses are DGET and PSAR certified, which ensures the quality of the training offered.
    We can also provide on-site training to your employees so that they do not have to take time out to come to another academy to take the training. These trainings are also PSAR and DGET certified.
    At Keertika, we offer a complete blend of pure skills and competency training with related product knowledge and solutions from a range of providers.


    E-mail us at: info@keertika.co.in | Contact No: +91 84200 33299