About Us

Keertika Academy Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to impart vocational training. Our aim is to provide skill- based training to the unemployed rural youth and create an industry-ready workforce. It is through our tailor-made and trade specific training programs that we develop competent human resource for the employers. Our responsibility does not end with training. We also offer employment opportunities and placement assistance to the trainees who have successfully completed the training program.

Our Management Team
Mr. Debajit Coudhury
Ms. Rina Choudhury
Mr. Anirban Choudhury
Ms. Susmita Mukherjee
Keertika Education & Keertika Associates LLP is a National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) certified Training partner.
NSDC had signed with Keertika Education & Keertika Associates LLP on 30th July,2018 under the companies Act,1956.
Our Clients
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