Vision and Mission

  • To reach out to every individual who seeks vocational training
  • Not to be limited by opportunity or affordability
  • To help trainees find gainful engagement in their chosen vocation
  • To establish itself as the premier vocational training provider
  • To impart training at low cost
  • To take training at workplace
  • To tailor-make the training to match the client’s specification
The main objectives of this training program are:
  • To train to develop skill as per industry requirement
  • To help them develop interpersonal skills and encourage self-development
  • To inculcate the habit of maintaining physical fitness
  • To enable them to manage stress and practice endurance
  • To promote workplace safety
  • To train the newcomers in a way one would operate in their work environment
  • To infuse the trainees with confidence, competence and initiative
  • To prepare the trainees to work under stressful conditions and satisfy the demands of the job
  • To tailor-make the trainees endeavours match the client’s specification
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